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Team Leader

Creative since my childhood, I am the chief architect behind all the design and details for EVERY wedding. With over 20 years of experience (I may have sipped from the fountain of youth!) and much of that experience working on events where timing had to be spot-on down to the second, you get creativity and precision with everything I do. Having lived across North America and also in South Africa, and a frequent flyer to the Caribbean, I've picked up inspiration from an array of global locales that gives me a diverse and eclectic style. As a nature and adventure enthusiast, you won't find me turning down any venue.  Couple all that with my keen attention to detail and passion for event planning and you have an inspired team ready to work for you. We will entertain any idea you might have -- no matter how impossible it might seem. Let us put our creativity to work for you! xo - BKD

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The other members of the team bring their own creative styles and experience to the planning table where we brainstorm ideas and come up with a unique design centered on you!

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At the end of the day, it is all smiles!!! That's why we say we're "Making memories that last happily ever after." So, "Let us help you get to 'I do' better." 
The BKD Team

Just Married


We just might be if any of the following resonates with you! 

-  Aesthetics are important to you

-  You care about the tiniest details

-  You dream of a unique space tailored to you and your love story and want someone who is super creative and thinks outside the box to make it a reality!

-  You want someone who can go beyond day-of-coordination with extensive experience and expertise bringing LOTS of details together

-  Nature and the outdoors are comfort places for you and you want to lean into the outdoors or bring the outdoors in

-  You are inspired by global influences and various cultures, or you find them intriguing

-  You're marrying cross-culturally and need someone who is culturally-intelligent and loves diversity

-  Self-reflection, spirituality, and/or religion have a place in your soul

-  You go against the norm and are marching to your own drum! 

-  To heck with the one-day wedding, you're making it a long weekend party!

-  You love a variety of things AND you want to share that when you gather with your family and friends

-  You want to put together that dream destination wedding and need help! 

-  You are on a tight budget and need help figuring out how you can have the GLAM wedding you dream about that is still in your price range (yes! It can be done!) 

-  Privacy is important to you!  Me too!  A wedding is a VERY intimate event and I believe the details shouldn't be public knowledge. That's why I don't share information on social media that pertains to weddings I am working on and I try to avoid naming couples and sharing info and photos online. I want to honor YOUR day as the intimate occasion it is.  

Sound like you?  I really hope so!  If you think so, read a little more about me below or if you are feeling good vibes already, then click the button below to get your date(s) on my calendar!
I CAN'T WAIT to meet you!!! 

Not in Michigan?  Feel free to connect anyways! 

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